Wimech s.c. is a dynamically developing manufacturing and service company, in the machine sector. The recent restructuring process has increased our manufacturing capabilities. For many years we supply housings and mechanical equipment for energy and electronic market, mainly for the railway industry.

Our offer includes cutting, bending, milling and welding of aluminum, carbon steel, acid resistant steel and non-ferrous metals. We also offer water cutting of such materials as glass, stone, ceramics, plastics, rubber and wooden boards.

We process aluminum plates, carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates and coated plates to manufacture housings. We have the longtime experience in welding technologies.

Our highly qualified and skilled staff has graduated from the respectable technical schools, e.g. Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw University of Technology) or Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna (Military University of Technology).

All of our employees performing special processes, e.g. welders possess the adequate certificates.

We also cooperate with Mr. Kazimierz Ferenc, PhD, holder of a renowned European Welding Engineer title.

We have the required non-destructive testing certificates VT1 and VT2.

We have well-established cooperation with subcontractors offering such services as galvanizing, tin-plating, copper-plating, nickel-plating, chrome-plating and chromate-plating, sandblasting and satin finishing.

Our CNC and conventional machines allow us to implement projects based on the Customer’s design documentation. We can also develop the documentation based on the Customer’s needs and specifications.